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Purchasing Your Very Own Specialized Tarot Deck

21 Mar Tarot Deck by imeleven

Purchasing Your Very Own Specialized Tarot Deck

So you’ve made the decision to invest in your own Tarot Cards and buy yourself a Tarot Deck! Congratulations, that’s great news! Picking a Tarot Deck can be a daunting project. You can find hundreds of decks out there which you are able to select from! Listed here are my tips on choosing the most appropriate Tarot Deck for you.

Familiarize Yourself with the Ryder-Waite Tarot Deck

Tarot Deck tarot reading by imeleven

Photo by imeleven

To begin with, I believe, any starting Tarot reader needs to be familiarized with the original Ryder-Waite deck. Many guides work with this deck when teaching novices. Understanding of the whole set of Tarot cards in this deck will aid you to go for different Tarot decks as you get more skillful. I utilized Ryder-Waite for a entire 12 month period before even looking at some other decks. Through experience I truly feel you should not merely study the “Little White Book” that is provided with the deck but to read a handful of Tarot instructional books for beginners by different authors. Commonly, authors offer you fairly different interpretations of each Tarot card. What honestly matters probably the most though, is YOUR interpretation. Do you acknowledge Author A’s interpretation or maybe Expert B’s meaning makes more sense? You might not totally agree with anybody! I do think that is rather brilliant also!

When it comes time to take that step and find an alternative Tarot deck, be sure the pictures are special to you. I cannot stress this enough! I failed to actually recognize how significant a Tarot Deck can be until not long ago. This is the short story…

My Story About My Current Tarot Deck…
I have always been an intense animal enthusiast and was really devastated after I needed to put my cat to sleep. Whilst my cat was unhealthy I came across the “Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot” Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony. On account of what was going on in my life, this Tarot deck was entirely perfect. The imagery of kittens and cats involved in various activities with varied feelings being represented on their kitty faces as well as with their body postures and positions made this Tarot deck very easy for me to utilize, and unusually accurate. Some of the Cat cards within this unique deck actually create physical sensations within my tummy dependant upon the feeling of the card. Should you react strongly to a deck, get it!

Feel the Tarot deck! No, not with your sixth sense silly, with your HANDS! Can you shuffle them? Will they adhere to each other a lot of? Do they look or feel “cheap,” signifying that they might suffer deterioration after only a small number of uses? Do they feel nice?

Give thought to your interests and hobbies. Are you an animal lover? Perhaps you just like dogs? What type of music do you really play? Are you a nudist? Believe it or not… you’ll find unique decks out there for everybody! Perhaps you have Irish origins and would certainly enjoy a Celtic themed deck or maybe you want an Asian style deck.They have you covered! Do you enjoy plants and flowers….there’s a Tarot deck for you too.

The idea is, a Tarot deck tend to be very personal. Once you understand the fundamentals, the options are unlimited!  Go buy your Tarot Deck Today and Enjoy Your Free Tarot Reading!